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Can I delete my stage plot?

At this moment you can not. If you however would like to delete your stage plot right away, you can contact us through the contact link at the bottom right corner of this website.

Can I change my band name?

No. Once you have registered you cannot change the name of your band so make sure it is correct before you save. However, you can change the name of your stage plot at any given moment.

What payment options do we support?

You can pay with credit card, PayPal and iDEAL.

I am not sure what a stage plot is…

Find out in this article about stage plans. Also available in Dutch.

Which browser can I use?

The latest version of Firefox or Chrome is required for MyStagePlan to deliver the best technical performances. It may not work properly in other web browsers or versions.

What is a DI, Monitor, Insert etc.?

Find out in our dictionary


You can contact us by clicking the contact button at the bottom right corner of this website.

Can I have multiple stage plots for my band?

Yes. Just create a new stage plot once you are logged in. Give it a unique name so it’s easy to recognize (like ‘ acoustic’ or ‘ with string section’). Your band name will appear automatically from the account information, so you don’t need to add it there. You can also duplicate your old stage plot by clicking on the "copy" option, if you just want to make some little changes.

How do I add more channels?

You can add more channels by placing new instruments or mics. The instruments will then automatically appear on the channel list.

How to delete channels

The channels are connected to the instrument icons. You can delete channels by throwing the instruments or mics in the dustbin in the stage builder. The channels will then dissapear from the channel list.

I can't put instruments on the stage plot

The first step is to add musicians to your stage plot. After that step you can begin to add instruments, linked to the musicians.


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